WinMerge 2.16 Help

Kimmo Varis

Denis Bradford

Dean Grimm

Laurent Ganier

Tim Gerundt

Perry Rapp

Christian List

and all others who helped with this. 

Revision 1.7.1

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Table of Contents

About WinMerge Help
1. Audience and scope
2. How to access Help
3. How to use Help
4. Documentation conventions
Quick start
1. Selecting files and folders to compare
2. Comparing folders
3. Comparing files
Introduction to WinMerge
1. WinMerge versions
2. Getting support and reporting bugs
3. WinMerge source code and development
Getting and installing WinMerge
1. Getting files
2. Compatibility
3. Using the installer (recommended)
4. Installing from an archive
5. Enabling Windows Explorer shell integration without the installer
Overview of file comparing and merging
1. Comparing files
2. Merging files
Opening files and folders
1. Select Files or Folders dialog
2. Launching WinMerge operations in Windows Explorer
3. Using Drag and drop
4. Project files
Comparing and merging folders
1. Starting a folder compare operation
2. Folder Compare window
3. File operations in Folder Compare
4. Browsing folders in the Folder Compare window
5. Customizing the Folder Compare window
6. Using Windows shell commands from the Folder Compare window
Comparing and merging text files
1. Starting a file compare operation
2. File Compare window
3. Navigating differences
4. Syncronization points
5. Merging differences
Comparing binary files
Comparing image files
1. Starting a image compare operation
2. Image Compare window
Options and configuration
1. Importing and Exporting options
2. General page
3. Compare General page
4. Compare Folder page
5. Compare Binary page
6. Compare Image page
7. Editor page
8. Colors page
9. Text Colors page
10. Syntax Colors page
11. Maker Colors page
12. Folder Compare Colors page
13. Archive Support page
14. System page
15. Backup Files page
16. Codepage page
17. Shell Integration page
Locale support
1. Configuring the localization
2. Changing the WinMerge interface language
3. Available WinMerge localizations
4. Reporting errors in translation
5. Submitting a new translation
1. Plugin Types
2. Suggested plugins and automatic modes
3. Applying plugins
4. Available plugins
5. Requirements
Using Filters
1. Using file masks
2. Using file filters
3. Using line filters
4. Using the Filters dialog
5. Getting help with regular expressions
Command line
Using WinMerge with other tools
1. Using the command-line interface (CLI)
2. Using WinMerge with version control systems
Frequently asked questions
1. General questions
2. File comparing
3. Questions about editor
4. WinMerge as external compare or diff-tool
5. Archive support
6. Text encoding (codepages)
7. Patch files
A. Shortcut keys