Comparing in table format

In version 2.16.7 or later, it is possible to display and edit delimiter-separated values files such as CSV and TSV in table format like spreadsheet software. Editing operations, moving to differences, and merging operations in this format are the same as in a normal text file window.

Comparing in table format

1. Comparing in table format

Whether files are opened in table format depends on whether the file name matches defined patterns. By default, if the file extension is .csv or .tsv, it will be opened in table format. If you want to change the patterns, specify it on the Compare/Table page in the Options dialog.

If you want to temporarily open it in table format after opening it as plain text, click FileRecompare AsTable. If the Table dialog appears, select the File type and click OK.

If you want to temporarily open files that have been opened in table format as regular text files, click FileRecompare AsText.

2. Table format settings

By default, data in delimiter-separated values text files are treated as follows

  • CSV files are separated by commas and TSV files are separated by tabs, and values are displayed by columns.

  • However, delimiter characters within the quoted range (double quotes) are treated as values.

  • Also, EOL characters (CR or LF) within the quoted range are treated as values.

If you want to change the above settings, you can do so in the Compare/Table page in the Options dialog or in the table dialog that appears when clicking FileRecompare AsTable. See Compare Table page for details.

3. Table format-specific operations

  • You can change the column width by dragging the column boundary of a column heading.

  • Double-clicking on a column boundary in a column heading automatically adjusts the column width according to the content of the column.

  • Text is selected vertically by dragging a column in the column heading.

  • When ViewWrap Lines menu item is checked, the text will be wrapped in each column. Check this menu item if you want to see multiline field values.