Command line

The WinMerge command line accepts several parameters in addition to the paths to compare. Most of these parameters are intended for using WinMerge as an external compare application or starting a compare operation from a batch file.

Use one of these formats for the WinMerge command:

WinMergeU [/?]

WinMergeU [/r] [/e] [/f filter] [/x] [/xq] [/s] [/ul] [/um] [/ur] [/u] [/wl] [/wm] [/wr] [/minimize] [/maximize] [/fl] [/fm] [/fr] [/dl leftdesc] [/dm middledesc] [/dr rightdesc] leftpath [middlepath] rightpath [/o outputpath] [/al] [/am] [/ar]

WinMergeU conflictfile

Entering the command with no parameters or pathnames simply opens the WinMerge window. Parameters are prefixed with either a forward slash ( / ) or dash ( - ) character. Pathnames have no prefix character.